Rashmi Kundar Radio Interview

Published August 8, 2012 by devishreeshetty

Rashmi Kundar is a student studying in 8th standard is also having her own dance class called Rajrajeswari dance group. Her father is corporate and mother is home maker. She also has two brothers. She performed in boogie woogie when she was 9 year old and won first place. She conducts dance class for students between the age of 3 to 15 and she trains 52 students.
1) How do you manage your studies and dance class both together?
2) What is your experience as a dance teacher?
3) How do you train your students?
4) How do your parents and teacher support you in your activity?
5) How do you enjoy with your student? (Do you have student teacher relationship or friendly relation)
6) Do you get any kind of benefit from your classes?
7) If you were not a dancer which filed would you take up as your profession or carrier? (field of interest)
8) Which age groups of student do you like teaching?
9) Being a student how do you manage your students?
10) Which do you think is more easer seating in class and studying or teaching dance to small students?
11) I have personally seen your dances and really liked it a lot. Which is one of you favorite performance that you liked the most?
12) Would you like to build your carrier in other field or continue with your dancing as your profession?